Do you give discounts?

Sure: you tell us which part of the course you don’t want to do and we will tell you how much of a discount we can offer. Of course you won’t meet the performance requirements and you won’t be able to earn the certification.

‘If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur…’

How do I know if I qualify to take a certain course?

Just send us an email []. Sometimes there are strict rules before you can participate, but other times you can already participate in the course. Also: sometimes courses may be combined.

Is dive gear included in the course fee?

No, unless specified under the course description you will have to provide your own equipment. After all: we want you to become very familiar with the equipment you will be diving after the training finishes. We can of course put you in contact with reputable companies for rental gear or for buying your own.

There is one more exception to this rule: if you’re thinking of buying a rebreather, please do let us help you! Together we can figure out which configuration suits you and your individual diving needs best. We would hate for you to spend money needlessly.

What if I want to book multiple courses? Can you give me a quote?

If it is possible to combine certain elements of different courses, then we are saving time and thus money. This will mean you save money too.

What is included in the price?

With each course we will tell you the prices for training, manuals & certification or application fees separately. Manuals aren’t mandatory for every course, so ask us if you have any doubts. We will supply you with manuals, but these are charged separately. We can send the manual(s) to you, but you will have to pay for postage.

With a few exceptions dive gear is NOT included, so you will have to provide your own. We can point you to reputable suppliers.

Fills, travelling, accommodation, boat and/or entry fees are NOT included. We will let you know to the best of our abilities what extra costs to expect.

Which agency is the best?

This is impossible to say. It depends on your criteria and your expectations. It’s like comparing different car manufacturers: sometimes the quality differences are obvious, but other times it comes down to personal preference. We will talk with you about your goals and together we will choose the training best suited to you. In the end most ‘training agencies’ are really more like publishing companies: they decide on certain standards for courses, but make their money selling materials and by charging for certifications and membership fees. As far as the quality of teaching is concerned, this comes down to your instructor. That’s why we value real world diving and teaching experience with our instructors.

Which rebreather is the best?

A rebreather is a tool for a job and most rebreathers are suitable for different environments. We have chosen to provide training exclusively for the rebreathers made by Innerspace Systems Corporation [ ] and Scuba Force [ ]. These rebreathers have proven themselves over and over again and the companies that build them also supply different government agencies and armed forces all over the world. After all: a rebreather is life sustaining equipment and if it’s good enough for a Navy SEAL, then it’s good enough for us!